The mega-quarry is dead. Well done Ontario!

Great news! This morning the Highland Companies withdrew their application for a mega-quarry in Melancthon.

You remember this mega-quarry: the one that would have been a third the size of Toronto, destroyed 2,400 acres of prime farmland, and blasted 20 storeys below the water table. 

Stopping this mega-quarry is great news for Ontario.

A huge congratulations and thank you to the community groups for their efforts, and to you. Whether you wrote a letter, had a No Mega Quarry sign on your lawn, participated in walks, joined in at Soupstock, or signed a petition, you made a difference. Your efforts stopped this crazy project.

I also want to thank Mike Schreiner who, along with local candidate Rob Strang, took an early and strong lead against the mega-quarry.

We need champions like Mike and Rob, tireless leaders who will continue standing up against decisions that sacrifice our water, our land, and our communities 

It’s clear Greens are already making a difference. And if we’re doing this now, can you imagine what we can get done if we send Mike to Queen’s Park? He can be our voice there every day, to not only speak out against horrible projects like the mega-quarry, but to introduce changes in legislation that will stop these projects before they start.

Your donation today will help send Mike to Queen’s Park.

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Thank you,

Kevin O'Donell

Kevin O’Donnell
Deputy Leader
Green Party of Ontario

P.S. The fight doesn’t stop here. We need to fix the legislation that allowed for the potential of amega-quarry. Check out on Friday for our submission to the Provincial Policy Statement Review. You can also send your feedback directly to the Ministry as well.