Elect Mike Schreiner as Ontario’s first Green MPP in Guelph!

I have exciting news! As you read this, Mike Schreiner is launching his campaign in Guelph to become Ontario’s first Green MPP.

Elizabeth May has shown incredible leadership since her election to Parliament. You’ve told us that you want the same at Queen’s Park: a Green MPP who is your voice, who can hold the other parties to account and show the same integrity that Elizabeth shows every day.

We’ve listened. We’ve learned. We’ve seen what it takes. 

To win our first seat, we need your help.

We need a campaign office in Guelph. We need ads, postcards and signs to ensure every person in Guelph knows who Mike Schreiner is and that he will be their best voice at Queen’s Park. 

You’ve been generous in the past, with your time and money. Thank you. 

Today, you can help by making a special donation of $25, $50 or $100 to our Elect Mike Fund

Our past results have been strong in Guelph — up to 20% of the vote in close, four-way races. Guelph shares the values of the Green Party – a strong sense of community, and a desire to build vibrant local economies that work for people and the planet. 

We have a great team on the ground in Guelph.

Together, we can elect Mike as our first Green MPP.  Be part of history in the making!

Thank you,



Becky Smit
Executive Director 

P.S. There’s no time to spare. We’re facing our second general election in 18 months next spring, and we need every penny, nickel and dime we can spare to send Mike to Queen’s Park