Greens return James Mihaychuk as candidate in Ottawa South

6 November 2012 
OTTAWA –  Local Green Party members recently nominated Mr. James Mihaychuk, Ph.D., as the Green Party of Ontario candidate for Ottawa South. The nomination meeting was held on October 22nd at the KS on the Keys Restaurant. 
“I’m pleased to be nominated as the Green candidate for Ottawa South,” said Mihaychuk. “We need a new voice at Queen’s Park, especially given the skyrocketing deficit and the unwillingness of the three traditional parties to work at fair and sensible ways to modernize our aging and wasteful institutions.” 
“I joined the Green Party because we are the only voice talking about key issues facing Ontario, such as the four redundant school boards in our community. These boards all rely on public funds from general revenues of the province but do little to coordinate resources,” said Mihaychuk. “Moving to a single French and a single English school board will save the province about $1 billion every year.”
Mihaychuk also spoke to the continued failure of both provincial and federal authorities to fund the Ottawa River Action Plan, a program to eliminate the release of untreated sewage by the City of Ottawa in times of heavy rainfall.
Deputy Leader Kevin O’Donnell added “The Green Party is a strong voice for change at Queen’s Park.  We believe in our communities and want to strengthen both our economy and our environment. Federally Elizabeth May has shown that even a single independent voice can have a major impact. Ontario needs the same leadership and fresh, sensible ideas at Queen’s Park.” 
The next Ontario general election will likely occur in early 2013. The Ottawa South seat is expected to be vacated by Premier Dalton McGuinty following his resignation announced earlier in October.
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James Mihaychuk
Candidate in Ottawa South
Green Party of Ontario
Cell: (613) 869-0263