Statement on the resignation of Premier McGuinty

Statement from Mike Schreiner, Green Party leader, on the resignation of Premier McGuinty

“I want to thank Dalton McGuinty for his years of service to the people of Ontario. It is not an easy job leading this great province for almost a decade. There is no question that Mr. McGuinty is a dedicated politician and public servant.  
I appreciate the sacrifices that the Premier and his family have made over the years. Public life demands a great deal of families, and I know family is important to the Premier.
Although I may not have always agreed on policy with the Premier, I can say without a doubt that this Premier tried to make a difference for our province, its citizens, and its future. I would dare anyone out there, who thinks differently, to step up to the plate and engage in the battles that he did. His resignation should be taken as what he indicated – an opportunity for renewal.
Although he talked about renewal for the Liberal party, I think we can look at this as an opportunity, a chance, for renewal for the entire province. It is especially a time for renewal of our political system. The political status quo isn’t working. We need to rise above the partisan heckling and political games to tackle the big economic, environmental and democratic challenges of our time.
So, let’s all heed the Premier’s call for renewal by getting Ontario’s politics back on track. Rather than prorogation, let’s get the Legislature back to work. The people of Ontario expect our elected officials to govern and to do it in a way that puts the public interest ahead of political interests. We need to start making progress to improve our economy, environment and communities. And the conversation on what is going wrong with energy planning in Ontario is not over.
Tonight is a time to recognize Premier McGuinty’s public service. Tomorrow it is time for the Legislature to get back to work.”