Open Letter to Premier McGuinty – Save the session, don’t prorogue

Dear Premier McGuinty:

I want to thank you for your years of service to the people of Ontario. It is not an easy job leading this great province for almost a decade. There is no question that you are a dedicated politician and public servant.  
I also appreciate the sacrifices that your family has made over the years. Public life demands a great deal of families, and I know family is important to you.
Although I may not have always agreed with you on policy, I can say without a doubt that you have tried to make a difference for our province, its citizens, and its future. I respect your decision to resign and honour your years of service.
I am, however, deeply concerned by your decision to prorogue parliament. This action undermines democracy and violates the basic premise of responsible government. Prorogation prevents the Legislature from performing its fundamental responsibility to hold the government accountable.
Although prorogation may have an important housekeeping role, I hope you agree that it should not be used for partisan advantage. Your decision to prorogue parliament effectively terminates an ongoing investigation of contempt. It also undermines efforts to hold the government to account for decisions related to the siting of gas plants. I believe this is an improper use of prorogation.
Last night you called for the renewal of the Liberal party. I think we all need to heed your call for renewal by getting Ontario’s politics back on track. Rather than prorogation, let’s get the Legislature back to work. 
No party has distinguished itself at Queen’s Park in the past few weeks. I believe the people of Ontario want our MPPs to rise above the partisan heckling and political games to tackle the big challenges we face. Prorogation, however, is not the solution.
The people of Ontario expect our elected officials to govern and to do it in a way that puts the public interest ahead of political interests. We need to start making progress to improve our economy, environment and communities. Prorogation makes this task more difficult.
Premier, you’ve had a long and distinguished political career. Although prorogation might be good politics, it is not good government. I don’t believe you want one of your last acts as Premier to be proroguing parliament. I ask that you reconsider your decision to prorogue parliament.
Mike Schreiner