Take Action – Speak against new nuclear

The Liberals’ plan to spend billions refurbishing the Darlington nuclear plants will nuke our pocketbooks, pollute our water and kill green energy in Ontario.

The deadline to speak out against the Darlington refurbishment is Monday, October 15. Our sample letter makes it easy to have your say

Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone over budget and failed to deliver on time. The existing Darlington reactors were originally supposed to cost $4 billion, but came in $10 billion over budget. The recent refurbishment at Bruce nuclear is $2 billion over budget and 3 years behind schedule.

Darlington is not only a threat to our pocketbooks: the future of Lake Ontario’s ecosystem is at risk. Between 2006 and 2008, Darlington killed around twenty thousand fish as well as millions of eggs and larvae.

The government’s commitment to nuclear will kill green energy. The McGuinty government has already directed agencies to stop the expansion of renewable energy in 2018 to reserve grid capacity for nuclear. 

This makes no sense. Nuclear is bad for our economy and our environment. Speak out today by sending a letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 

Thanks for making a difference.

Every letter counts!



Mike Schreiner 

PS: If you’d like more information – or inspiration – you can have a look at my oral presentation to the Darlington Joint Review Panel last year, and my letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will be posted at gpo.ca on Monday.