McGuinty Liberals have lost touch with environment

Statement by Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner

Queen’s Park – The McGuinty Liberals have consistently  failed to deliver simple policies and programs to protect and conserve our environment. These failures negatively affect our economy, communities and well being.

Today’s report from the Environment Commissioner of Ontario cites many examples of how the government has failed to provide adequate water protection programs, monitor wild life populations and protect public health from industrial dust pollution.
Ontario needs water protection and conservation  programs to deal with the more extreme weather events caused by climate change. We saw the importance of this first hand with this summer’s drought. Not having proper water supply affects our ability to grow food, our health and the productivity of industry.
The government’s failure to invest a relatively small amount in monitoring wildlife threatens forestry, one of Ontario’s most important industries. It is short sighted and irresponsible to not have a functioning wildlife monitoring program in place.
The government’s failure to provide responsible environmental protection directly affects our health. One of the most obvious examples is the government’s inaction on complaints related to industrial dust pollution. 
Ontario can do better. We must do better. Getting back in touch with environmental issues is important for our health, economy and quality of life.

The full report from the Environment Commissioner can be found at

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