Gas plant fiasco costs more than money

“The cost of moving gas power plants for political reasons is more than financial. It erodes confidence in our government and our democracy. It leads to cynicism and turns people off politics.

It’s a sad day for democracy when jokes are flying around Queen’s Park that the going rate for a Liberal seat is $40 million. Perhaps the Liberal party should repay the $200 plus million that this fiasco will cost taxpayers or ratepayers.
The government must be held accountable for such a blatant and obvious example of putting partisan political interests ahead of the public’s interests.
Forgotten in all the talk of gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville is that the Holland Marsh Peaker plant proceeded against local opposition in a PC held riding. That plant is located in Ontario’s protected Greenbelt, adjacent to prime farm land and sensitive wetlands.  These compelling reasons and local opposition weren’t enough to stop the plant in a PC riding, yet days before an election local voices were enough to stop a plant in a Liberal held riding.
At a minimum the Premier should issue an unambiguous apology to the people of Ontario for the costs to our finances and democracy that have arisen from his government’s mishandling of siting of gas plants in Ontario.”
–Statement from GPO Leader Mike Schreiner