Results of Third Annual GPO Calendar Contest

27,588 votes
610 photos
130 phographers
12 months

That, friends, was our Third Annual Calendar Contest, which came to a close on September 15th.

We hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and choosing your favorites. We truly live in a province teaming with life that is rich in diversity. You need not travel far to see alluring beauty all around you, and the photos submitted to this year’s contest, including the top 12 below, are a testimony to the exquisiteness of Ontario.

Northern Water SnakeCurious Little BirdieRain Drops on CobwebSunset Reflections

1. Northern Water Snake
Daren Adam
2. Curious Little Birdie
Nick Fulton
3. Rain Drops on Cobweb
Greg Taylor
4. Sunset Reflections
Nathan Kelly
Lake Superior Provincial Park
Just before sunset on the Leslie Street Spit
Buckhorn Lake
Winter in the Country
5. Lake Superior Provincial Park
Noelle Sinclair
6. Just before sunset on the Leslie Street Spit
Lacey Shay
7. Buckhorn Lake
John MacMurchy
8. Winter in the Country
Lee Bryan
Weaver Creek Falls
Orange Skyline
Sunset at Woodland Beach
9. Weaver Creek Falls
Kimberley Merrifield
10. Orange Skyline
Sara Baig
11. Sunset at Woodland Beach
Tracy Munson
12. Roots
David Pickett

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Thanks again for taking part!

Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario