Green Leader’s visit shows how sustainability benefits Kingston

GPO leader Mike Schreiner’s recent visit to Kingston highlighted the benefits of energy conservation and local food in developing strong, vibrant communities.

“Sustainability is about working to connect the dots between our social, environmental and economic needs,” commented Schreiner. “This focus will benefit our communities in the long term.”
Schreiner joined the local riding association and other participants for a two day visit to the city, where he met with party members, local businesses and representatives of the health, education, energy, and agricultural sectors to discuss sustainability.
Stops included a tour of St. Lawrence College’s renewable energy programs with recent GPO candidate Robert Kiley and other area Greens. The GPO advocates investments in conservation that will help Kingston businesses create jobs and save money by using less energy.
On Saturday, Schreiner attended the Kingston Fall Fair. He opened the Frontenac Cattlemen’s Association auction with a passionate message to support local food and farmers.
“Food and farming is the largest employer in the province,” said Schreiner. “We need a provincial policy to purchase local food to support profitable local farms and healthy food in our schools and hospitals.”
“We are energized by Mike’s visit to Kingston. He showed how combining economic, social and environmental sustainability will create jobs and improve our children’s future,” said Robert Kiley, President & CEO of the Kingston Greens.
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Robert Kiley