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Dear friend,

Sixteen months ago, the citizens of Saanich-Gulf Islands choose Elizabeth May as our first elected Green Member of Parliament. Since then, Canada’s hardest working MP has displayed a determination which rises far above what many thought a single MP could do, building a team that resembles a “small OLO” (Office of the Leader of the Opposition) in the process.

During her first year in Parliament, Elizabeth has:

  • Spoken in the House of Commons over 500 times;
  • Tabled three Private Members Bills;
  • Seconded or co-seconded 40 additional Private Members Bills and Motions;
  • Tabled 140 petitions;
  • Submitted over 300 substantive amendments to Bill C-38 alone;
  • Voted in 441 out of 455 recorded votes; and
  • Done all of that, and yet claimed less than 2/3 of the allowable limit for personal expenses.

Elizabeth, in her efforts to truly represent her constituents, the membership of the federal party and Canadians, has made us proud!

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Elizabeth and her team look forward to keeping you up to date!

Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario

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