GPO Calendar Contest Ends Tomorrow. VOTE NOW!

Dear friend,

In 24 hours, the third annual GPO Calendar Contest will come to a close. To date, nearly 23 thousands votes have been cast!

There is still a wee bit of time left to choose your favorite shots. No registration is required; simply goto, and start voting. If you see a photo that you love, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The top 12 photos will be placed in our 2013 GPO Calendar, produced by GPO Gear and will come out sometime this fall.

Not sure what you’re missing? Have a look at the top 20 photos thus far, and then vote on your personal favorites!

Northern Water SnakeRain Drops on CobwebCurious Little BirdieOrange Skyline

1. Northern Water Snake
Daren Adam
2. Rain Drops on Cobweb
Greg Taylor
3. Curious Little Birdie
Nick Fulton
4. Orange Skyline
Sara Baig
Winter in the Country
Just before sunset on the Leslie Street Spit
Lake Superior Provincial Park
Weaver Creek Falls
5. Winter in the Country
Lee Bryan
6. Just before sunset on the Leslie Street Spit
Lacey Shay
7. Lake Superior Provincial Park
Noelle Sinclair
8. Weaver Creek Falls
Kimberley Merrifield
Sunset at Woodland Beach
In Mid Chomp
9. Sunset at Woodland Beach
Tracy Munson
10. Roots
David Pickett
11. In Mid Chomp
Jim Ellis
12. Foxy
Paul Neubauer
Sunset Reflections
Canoeing at Sunset
Angry Waters
Blue Heron in Flight
13. Sunset Reflections
Nathan Kelly
14. Cheltenham Badlands
Adam Filipowicz
15. Angry Waters
Chris Mortimer
16. Blue Heron in Flight
William Newby
Canoeing at Sunset
Buckhorn Lake
Dusk Over Wetlands, Haliburton Forest
17. Canoeing at Sunset
Catherine Booth-Smith
18. Butterfly
Mark Daye
19. Buckhorn Lake
John MacMurchy
20. Dusk Over Wetlands, Haliburton Forest
Natalia Shields

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