Greens Danckert will preserve community services by reducing administrative costs

Kitchener, Ontario – The Green Party of Ontario (GPO) is challenging the old line parties to end their attack on front line staff by looking for saving at the top, administration.

“We have now seen a crisis with frontline public service staff under NDP, PC and Liberal governments,” says GPO Leader Mike Schreiner. “This will happen again and again, unless the old parties are challenged to address administration costs and public sector management bonuses in this province. The GPO is here to pose that challenge.”

Bill 115 introduced into the legislature this week bullies teachers and frontline education staff by imposing a wage freeze without bargaining in good faith. Meanwhile, administration costs go unchecked once again by the old line parties. The GPO is calling on the government to freeze public sector bonuses and overhaul the bonus system.

“The other parties have consistently failed to reduce administrative costs while attacking front line staff and cutting front line services,” says Stacey Danckert, GPO candidate for Kitchener-Waterloo. “Cuts to these areas negatively impact my community. I will use my vote to put KW first by fighting to reduce administrative costs to preserve community services.”

The old lines parties’ failure to address administrative costs is also evident in their refusal to discuss the end of wasteful duplication in our current school system.

“The wasteful spending in Ontario’s school system comes mainly from duplicate administration costs,” says Schreiner. “If you maintain the number of students you will have to maintain your teachers and classroom support staff. What you won’t need is duplicate highly paid administration staff. It’s time to talk about putting our kids first by investing that money back into our classrooms where it belongs.”

Rebecca Harrison