Political Games Cause Yet Another False Crisis at Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario – Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader, Mike Schreiner is condemning the old line parties for playing out yet another false crisis in education instead of discussing modern solutions to the province’s record budget deficit.

“We have now seen education crises under NDP, PC and Liberal governments,” says Schreiner. “This will happen again and again, unless the old parties get the courage to have a discussion on ending wasteful duplication in our current school system.”

All the old line parties have slammed the door on discussions of modernizing Ontario’s school system and saving $1.3-1.6 billion in wasteful duplication between the public and Catholic school boards.

“Teachers came to the bargaining table with a wage freeze proposal. The McGuinty government’s decision to walk away from discussions shows their lack of integrity in the negotiating process,” says Schreiner. “Greens would work with teachers and education staff to identify savings and negotiate a fair wage freeze. Instead, McGuinty has chosen to undermine the bargaining process and introduce legislation that will likely be challenged in court costing the province time and money.”

The Liberals presented a revised version of their legislation, in an effort to receive support of the PCs, that would impose a contract on Ontario’s educational staff on Monday.

“As a voter and a mother I have watched with disappointment as political decorum at Queen’s Park has continued to be reduced to a series of power-plays,” says Kitchener-Waterloo GPO candidate Stacey Danckert. “As the deciding vote at Queen’s Park, I will be perfectly positioned to call the other parties on these harmful tactics and push the priorities of Kitchener-Waterloo.”

The political rhetoric at Queen’s Park is further inflamed by two strategically called by elections in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan.

“Voters in these by-elections can send a strong message to all the old line parties by voting Green,” adds Schreiner. “Only the Green Party has consistently offered new ideas that will serve to break down the vicious cycle of partisan games at Queen’s Park.”

Media Contact:
Rebecca Harrison