Long-term solutions should be priority over scoring short-term political points

Queen’s Park –  Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is committed to holding the government accountable for its focus on scoring short-term political points, rather than seeking long-term solutions. The GPO is urging the government to act on three important issues during this session.
Fair Schools
The GPO is challenging the McGuinty government to stop attacking teachers and to work with teachers to find savings. Instead of closing the door to talks about modernizing Ontario’s school system, the government should take a serious look at the advantages of moving to one school board. 
“McGuinty should be in a room with teachers, looking for solutions to the crisis in our educational system, rather than pushing through his political agenda,” says GPO Leader Mike Schreiner. “This undemocratic attack on Ontario’s educational staff will not be the last, unless we start a discussion on ending wasteful duplication in our current school system.” 
Studies from independent organizations show Ontario could save $1.3 to $1.6 billion by moving towards a single English and French public school board.
Ontarians First
Instead of politically motivated election promises, the GPO supports policies and investments that will increase efficiency, spur innovation, and lead to sustainability for Ontario. Schreiner cited the cancellation of the Mississauga gas plant, the off shore wind moratorium and the new Highway 7 announcement in Kitchener-Waterloo as costly, unplanned examples of short-term thinking that puts political party interest ahead of good public policy.
“I am committed to providing principled, positive and practical solutions and practicing a new kind of politics that moves beyond cynical political games,” says Schreiner. “Transportation and infrastructure initiatives like new highways need careful planning and shouldn’t be part of an election-promises goodie bag.”
Love it Protect it
The GPO will continue its efforts to protect Ontario’s most treasured natural assets. The GPO is currently petitioning the government to make Wolf Lake in Temagami a provincial park, is fighting to protect prime farmland and clean water from quarries, and is pushing for a sustainable development plan that respects First Nation’s rights in the Ring of Fire.
“The GPO will fight to protect our valuable natural assets,” pledges Schreiner. “We raised the alarm about threats to environmental protections in the budget and will continue to push forward policies that enrich our natural assets.”
Media Contact:
Rebecca Harrison