McGuinty focused on bullying education staff instead of finding real savings

Toronto, Ontario – The McGuinty government must stop attacking teachers, says the Green Party of Ontario. Instead, they should take a serious look at the advantages of moving to one school board. 

“McGuinty should be in a room with teachers, looking for solutions to the crisis in our educational system, rather than at press conferences pushing through his political agenda,” said GPO Leader Mike Schreiner. “This undemocratic attack on Ontario’s educational staff will not be the last, unless we start a discussion on ending wasteful duplication in our current school system.” 
Studies from independent organizations show Ontario could save $1.3 to $1.6 billion by moving towards a single English and French public school board.
“While the other parties remain tight-lipped on the subject, voters at the door are eager to discuss how we can create a fair school system and end wasteful duplication,” said Stacey Danckert, GPO candidate in Kitchener-Waterloo.  “This is a priority for voters, and I am dedicated to making it a  priority in this by-election.” 
The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) voted last week to approve a motion that public education money should only be spent on public schools. 
Meanwhile, the three old parties have dismissed the idea of modernizing Ontario’s schools, slamming the door in the face of the growing number of people who want a conversation about fair schools. 
“On Monday, the McGuinty Liberals will put forward politically motivated and flawed legislation, with the passive support of the PCs,” added Schreiner. “Ontario needs a voice at Queen’s Park with the courage to talk about a fair and cost-effective united school system”