Ontario needs to work with teachers

The teachers of Ontario are currently frustrated with the process that the Ontario government is taking in regards to “negotiating” a new contract.  During the recent Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) AGM, GPO leader Mike Schreiner and GPO education critic, Matt Richter, heard the delegates’ concerns and suggestions.

We encourage the Ontario government to work with teachers who are  in the best position to identify better, more efficient ways of doing things. Based on input from ETFO AGM delegates, we call on the government to:

  • Negotiate, not legislate
  • Respect bargaining
  • Be respectful, listen to both sides
  • Provide support, funding, resources for arts, sciences, physical education and eco-literacy
  • Before freezing salaries and taking away benefits look at all options
  • Eliminate EQAO standardized test… “It costs $35 million per year!”
  • Abolish the LNS (Literacy Numeracy Secretariat)
  • Merge the Catholic and Public school board into one

The Green Party of Ontario supports working towards a balanced budget and respects the collective bargaining process.  Furthermore, the GPO would work with everyone involved to determine sensible and rational cost savings.  The GPO recognizes the importance of avoiding wasteful duplication – something the old line parties refuse to consider.  The GPO supports eliminating the EQAO standardized test and merging the best of the Catholic and Public school boards into one publicly funded school board.