Conning to Stand for Greens in Vaughan By-election

Vaughan, Ontario – The Green Party of Ontario has nominated Paula Conning as their candidate in the Vaughan by-election.

Paula Conning is a registered nurse with 25 years experience in public health and psychiatric nursing. Conning is committed to helping all children have equitable opportunities to develop into healthy and contributing adults. She also chairs the Board of Directors of Dufferin Parent Support Network, and serves as the Communications Coordinator for the Dufferin Coalition for Kids.

“Voters in Vaughan have the chance to send a strong message to the other parties,” said Conning. “Every Green vote sends the message that voters are tired of politics-as-usual — they want solutions before partisan politics, they want the public’s interest ahead of party interest,” Conning continued.

Conning is a committed advocate for transforming Ontario’s outdated and divided school system into a single system with French and English Public School Boards.

“All students should have equal access to local public schools, and all educators should have equal access to employment, regardless of their religion,” added Conning, a founding member of the One School System Network.

“For too long the other parties have used their place at Queen’s Park to promote their party’s interest over the needs of Ontarians,” said GPO Leader Mike Schreiner. “By voting Green, Vaughan voters will send a message that their values, not partisan games, deserve a place at the top of the provincial agenda.”


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Rebecca Harrison