Liberals promote party interest, ignore democracy with summer by-elections

Toronto – Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is accusing the McGuinty Liberals of discouraging democratic debate by calling summer by-elections in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan.

“Premier McGuinty is trying to avoid a public debate on key issues by calling by-elections when many voters are on summer holidays,” says Schreiner. “He may want to run, but Greens won’t let him hide from the big issues.”

Dr. Stacey Danckert will represent the GPO in Kitchener-Waterloo, and the party will announce the candidate selection process for Vaughan shortly. Premier McGuinty’s timing for these by-elections, so soon after Mr. Sorbara’s retirement, once again shows how the Liberals put their party’s political interests ahead of the public’s interests.

“I won’t let the McGuinty government hide from the challenges facing our economy, energy and education systems,” says Danckert. “I’m in a unique position to be the strongest voice for KW, and I won’t let a summer election deter me from engaging my neighbours in seeking solutions for KW.”

Like Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Premier McGuinty has also chosen a summer election to suppress simmering dissatisfaction with his Liberal government.

“McGuinty’s attempt to hide from the voters is another example of how politics is broken,” says Schreiner. “Voters in KW and Vaughan can help fix politics in Ontario by sending the first Green MPPs to Queen’s Park. Elizabeth May has shown how one Green MP can bring a fresh perspective to clean up Ottawa. We can do it in Ontario.”

Stacey Danckert is a Doctor of Psychology studying the effects of aging on the brain. She has a deep passion for protecting the environment and has sat as a member of Kitchener’s Environmental Advisory Committee. A mother of two sons, Danckert wants to do more for her community to affect positive change.