World’s largest old-growth red pine forest is under threat. Act NOW!

Wolf Lake is home to the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world. Located in the Temagami canoe area, Wolf Lake Forest Reserve is part of an endangered ecosystem that is estimated to be only 1.2% of its former size.   

This diverse ecosystem deserves permanent protection – protection that was promised 13 years ago but not delivered- by making the area an official Ontario Provincial Park.

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About Wolf Lake:

  • Wolf Lake, situated in the Temagami region, is home to the largest contiguous ancient red pine forest in the world. Many of these trees are nearly 300 years old.
  • It is placed under “forest reserve” status which does not prohibit mining activities, only logging.  
  • In 1999, Premier Mike Harris dedicated 88% of Ontario’s working land to industry but promised that Wolf Lake would be protected as part of Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park. Currently, that commitment has been left unfulfilled as mining is permitted in the old-growth forest.

Why is this so wrong?

Wolf Lake supports a diverse ecosystem that has thrived for centuries.  It provides important habitat for wildlife and has now become a haven for hikers and canoeists.

Wolf Lake is also of great economic significance to the region. Temagami camps have contributed over $3.5 million in direct spending each year while also providing many educational opportunities for youth.

What can we do?

Sign and share this petition with your family, friends, neighbours, coworkers. Let’s make sure the McGuinty government hears our call to protect this endangered ecosystem.

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