We Miss You!

We miss you!

I can’t get much simpler or direct than that.

Last year you made a decision: that Green MPPs at Queen’s Park will be the most effective way to have your voice heard.  Through a generous donation in 2011, you committed to an alternative to politics-as-usual at Queen’s Park. I’m asking you to renew that investment today.

Since last year’s donation, have any of the legacy parties at Queen’s Park been your voice?

Have any truly moved forward on energy conservation? How about standing against the proposed mega-quarry that will destroy pristine farmland the size of 1/3 of Toronto? Heard even a word from them about establishing a smart, fair, equitable school board system?

No? Me neither.

Politics in Ontario has fallen off of the rails.  Expediency, ideology and entrenched interests dominate Queen’s Park.

We’re in dire need of political leadership that puts good ideas and sound public policy ahead of partisan political games.

Support for a new way of doing politics, one the Green Party of Ontariochampions, is rising quickly.  The most recent Environics poll has the GPO at 10%.  (http://bit.ly/environics)  EKOS also has our federal cousins at 10% nationally, and close to 10% in Ontario! (http://bit.ly/ekos-poll)

We haven’t seen numbers like this in a while.  All things being equal, if they were to hold, we could win our first seat. In fact, with these numbers, http://threehundredeight.com predicts Ontario could elect a Green MPP for the first time ever.  (http://bit.ly/gpo-seat-prediction)

So, now it’s up to you.  Let’s sustain that 10% and build on it.  With a minority government recklessly threatening a snap election at any time, your continued support is absolutely critical.

It has never been more clear how important it is to preserve and protect this wonderful province we call home.

As the one-year anniversary of a minority government inOntarioapproaches, let’s ensure your voice is heard across our great province.  

Since the election, we have led on critical issues. When the Liberal government threatened to change the status ofWolfLakein Temagami – opening it to mining and logging – we led a campaign to say no.  And a few months later, it was announced thatWolfLakewould remain protected. 

But we didn’t stop there.Wolf Lake is still in danger – to truly protect the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world, we need to make the area an officialOntarioPark. We’ve launched a petition to urge the government to take this positive action.

Through your generous financial support, we can continue to lead on these critical issues and make sure your voice is heard.  Please make a financial contribution today:

  • Fill out the coupon and return with the enclosed reply envelope
  • Visit http://www.gpo.ca/donate;
  • Call 888-647-3366 and speak to one of our office team members; or

We miss you and need your support.  Together, we will continue to make a positive difference inOntario! 


Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party ofOntario

P.S. If you are tired of the same old political rhetoric coming from Queen’s Park as I am, show the legacy parties that your voice matters!

P.S.S. Don’t forget that political donations are eligible for generous tax refunds of up to 75% of your contribution!