Stacey Danckert chosen as Kitchener-Waterloo Green Party of Ontario Candidate

Waterloo – Green Party of Ontario members in Kitchener-Waterloo selected Stacey Danckert as their candidate in the upcoming by-election. GPO leader Mike Schreiner declared Danckert the winner over nomination challengers Derek Satnik and Mark Vercouteren.

Dr. Stacey Danckert is a PhD in Psychology and studies the effects of aging on the brain. She has a deep passion for protecting the environment and has sat as a member of Kitchener’s Environmental Advisory Committee. A mother of two sons, Danckert wants to do more for her community to affect positive change.

“Kitchener-Waterloo has the chance to elect a Green MPP to be the balancing vote in the Legislature. The people of Kitchener-Waterloo deserve an MPP who will put them first — and who will get their interests noticed at Queen’s Park,” said Danckert upon becoming the candidate.

“My goal, and the Green Party’s goal, is to support local communities in their efforts to become more efficient, dynamic, and sustainable,” Danckert continued. “Kitchener-Waterloo can be a model for Ontario, and I aim to make that happen.”  

GPO leader Mike Schreiner was in Kitchener-Waterloo to welcome Stacey as the party’s by-election candidate.

“Elizabeth May has shown what a difference one Green MP can make,” said Schreiner. “By sending Stacey to Queens’ Park as their MPP, Kitchener-Waterloo voters have a real opportunity to put their values at the top of the provincial agenda.”