Ontario needs responsible leadership, not partisan brinksmanship

Statement from GPO leader Mike Schreiner

“Ontario needs responsible leadership and instead we’re seeing partisan bickering, brinkmanship and flip-flopping from Queen’s Park politicians. Bringing us twice to the edge of another election only seven months after the last one is not responsible governance. I want to see the political establishment at Queen’s Park focus on solutions for the very real problems facing Ontarians.

The people of Ontario do not want a summer election, and I welcome the cooperation that has averted one.        

However, the GPO remains concerned about the erosion of transparency, accountability, and public participation represented by the omnibus budget bill. Although we are pleased that our call to preserve the Endangered Species Act was answered, the budget bill still weakens environmental protections and opens the door to privatization of public services without proper oversight.

The GPO is disappointed that the parties at Queen’s Park slammed the door on an open, public discussion about merging the Catholic and public school boards. Before cutting essential services and closing schools, Ontarians need to talk about moving to a more equitable and financially responsible education system.

The GPO remains opposed to the government’s misguided priority to spend a billion dollars on subsidies for wasteful electricity consumption, instead of a full-funding increase for Ontario’s most vulnerable children and investments in programs that help people save money by saving energy.

I believe minority government can work if the political establishment at Queen’s Park can put the public’s interests before their own partisan interests. The focus needs to be on long-term solutions instead of politics as usual.”