Greens join local pre-election campaigning

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Green Party leader Mike Schreiner was in Waterloo Region today, meeting with possible candidates for his party in the upcoming byelection.

He questioned Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s suggestion this week that more tax dollars might be spent on assisting the province’s auto makers.

“The auto sector is doing great, thank you,” said Schreiner. “Why not use that money to support young entrepreneurs creating new businesses?”

The byelection will take place sometime in the next six months. It is happening because veteran Progressive Conservative MPP Elizabeth Witmer announced unexpectedly that she was retiring. If the Liberal candidate wins, it will mean a Liberal majority, so there is intense provincewide interest in the outcome.

Schreiner also toured a century-old home in Kitchener that has been turned into a model home for innovative environmental features that any homeowner can adopt.

The house, on 20 Mill St. near Queen Street, is owned by the Region of Waterloo and has super-insulated walls, a system that collects the heat from baths and shower water, and an energy-efficient fridge that costs $5 a year to operate.