OEB report reveals nuclear causing rising electricity rates

Media Statement from GPO Leader Mike Schreiner
For Immediate Release
May 2, 2012

“We need an honest discussion about rising electricity prices in Ontario. The misleading rhetoric blaming green energy for rising electrical rates is a disservice to the people of Ontario.

According to the Ontario Energy Board, since 2006, 45% of the increase in our electricity costs are from subsidies for the nuclear industry, while only 6% are due to subsidies for green energy.

This will only get worse if the McGuinty Liberals proceed with their $33 billion nuclear spending spree.  We still have not paid off the $19.8 billion debt from our last nuclear fiasco. 

The bottom line is that the cheapest and greenest kilowatt is the one we save. We have to stop burning money and deliver a long-term energy plan that prioritizes energy efficiency programs.

The stakes are too high to have politically partisan rhetoric derail an adult conversation about our energy future. We need to protect our pocketbooks with an honest look at the causes of rising electrical rates.”

The full OEB report is available here.