Let’s save our kilowatts for a rainy day

For Immediate Release
May 1, 2012

The cheapest and greenest kilowatt is the one that we don’t use. 

With electricity prices set to rise again today, Ontario’s failure to develop an energy efficiency plan is costing the province money, increasing utility bills, and preventing the creation of thousands of new, skilled jobs. 

“The Liberal government is burning our money. They have failed to deliver an energy efficiency plan that helps people save money by saving energy,” says Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner.

Instead of focusing on energy efficiency, all of the parties at Queen’s Park want to swipe the provincial credit card to offer short-term subsidies that mostly benefit the biggest energy users.

“Last year, the Liberals cancelled the Home Energy Savings Program, a program which encouraged people to use less energy,” Schreiner pointed out. “This year they’re taking it one step further by supporting waste and excessive consumption.”

The Green Party is calling for the cancellation of the misleadingly named Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, which is a short-term subsidy that benefits the biggest energy users the most. The GPO is calling for a Green Building Program to help tenants, home owners, and businesses save money by using less energy, while increasing the number of skilled jobs.