Another election scare? Seriously?

Dear Friend,

Record deficits. Health care spending that uses up half of every tax dollar.

Ontario is facing these major challenges right now. Today.

Instead of offering solutions, politicians at Queen’s Park are playing a reckless game of brinkmanship that could cause an election.

The Liberals recently tabled a budget which goes to a confidence vote later this month. The Conservatives say they’ll vote against it, and the NDP are placing demands on the Liberals that they will find hard to accept.  

I don’t know about you, but I think that if there was a ever a time to have an adult conversation about big, long-term issues, it’s now. 

We certainly don’t want an unnecessary election. But we do need to be ready to shine a light on important issues – like immediately stopping subsidies that reward energy waste, or eliminating unnecessary duplication in our school system – in case the budget is defeated.

Your help, through a contribution to the GPO of $50, or whatever amount you can afford, is essential to make this happen.

At the GPO, we spend only what we have. We have run a tight fiscal ship during the past year. We  carried no election debt from the 2011 campaign whatsoever. If Ontario has to go to the polls again, you can help make sure we’re there to make a difference. 

Make a contribution today, and we’ll make tomorrow green. 

Thank you for your support.


Jaymini Bhikha

Jaymini Bhikha
Director of Operations
Green Party of Ontario