ORNGE scandal requires a review of all public-private partnerships

For immediate release
March 21, 2012

Toronto: Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader Mike Schreiner is calling for a comprehensive review of all Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) in the wake of the scandal at ORNGE.

“Why are our tax dollars being wasted on million dollar bonuses and expensive perks?” asks Schreiner.  “This mess stinks, and it calls into question the value, transparency and accountability of P3s.”

The GPO believes that Auditor General Jim McCarter’s Special Report for ORNGE Air Ambulance raises a number of disturbing questions that require a full review of all P3s in Ontario.

“The government clearly was unable to hold ORNGE accountable for quality patient care and responsible financial stewardship due to the arms length, P3 relationship with ORNGE,” says Schreiner.

The GPO believes the ORNGE scandal must go beyond typical gotcha politics and include a public review of P3s.  Providing long-term solutions that result in transparent, accountable and effective delivery of public services are a top priority for the GPO.

“How many other ORNGE’s are out there,” asks Schreiner.  “The privatization of profit and socialization of risk on the back of taxpayers concerns everyone.  We need to know if P3s are really providing financial value for Ontario.”