GPO Platform Video

We invite you to forget our cynical political world for a moment and imagine a new kind of politics in Ontario: the kind where you come first. It’s possible. But it needs you to make it happen. The Green Party of Ontario believes it is possible to practise politics differently. By working together to strengthen our communities, we can create a legacy that will make us proud. The role of government is to engage and empower individuals, businesses and organizations to develop sensible, long-term solutions to the challenges facing our communities and our province. We have an incredible wealth and diversity of talent in Ontario that we can rely on to find the best way forward. It’s time for a political party that unifies, not divides. It’s time to bring people from all walks of life together to build a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable Ontario for ourselves, our children and future generations. We have a bold vision.

With the help of thousands of Ontarians, we’ve created a five-point plan that reflects your practical values and sensible priorities:

1. Creating jobs for a twenty-first century economy

2. Harnessing safe, affordable energy to power our communities

3. Promoting access to quality, sustainable health care close to home

4. Feeding our communities by championing local farms

5. Delivering government that works for people

With your help, our province can move in a positive direction. We invite you to join us. It’s time for a better, more sustainable Ontario.