Conservative wind moratorium blocks local decision making


For immediate release
March 8, 2012

Conservative Lisa Thompson’s proposal for a moratorium on wind undermines local decision making by denying communities the choice of supporting wind energy.

The GPO calls on MPPs to support local decision making by opposing this bill.

“Conservatives are talking out of both sides of their mouths with their efforts to kill green energy,” says Mike Schreiner, leader of the GPO. “A moratorium on wind denies communities the opportunity to support wind energy in ways that benefit the local economy. A moratorium that takes away choice from communities flies in the face of Conservative rhetoric around local decision making.”

The GPO rejects the false choice between the Conservative’s efforts to kill green energy and the Liberal approach of imposing corporate wind on communities without local participation. Unlike the old parties, the Green Party’s energy plan invests in Ontario communities first. The GPO supports a community-based energy policy that requires local ownership, local decision and local benefits.

“The Conservatives short sighted, politically expedient efforts to kill green energy will hurt our economy and set Ontario back a generation,” says Schreiner. “Ontario needs a long term energy plan that includes wind and other renewables, and prioritizes opportunities for local participation and benefits.”