For Immediate Release: Tory transit bill financially irresponsible

Tim Hudak’s private member’s bill to require Toronto to build subways is financially irresponsible.  The GPO is calling on all MPPs to vote against the motion.

“Hudak’s motion would overrule Toronto city council’s transit plans. This makes a mockery of any claim the Tories have to financial responsibility and respecting local decision making,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner.
The GPO supports smart investments that make transit available for the most people at the lowest cost.  
“We must reduce gridlock in the GTA,” says Schreiner.  “Gridlock costs us over $6 billion per year in lost productivity and reduces our quality of life.  Toronto needs a transit plan that gives the biggest bang for our buck.”
Although the GPO has concerns about the messy transit debate in Toronto, the party supports council’s efforts to develop a financially viable plan that delivers better transit service in Toronto.
“No one has put forward a credible plan to fund subway construction in Toronto,” says GPO transportation critic Tim Grant. “Hudak’s irresponsible interference further derails real solutions on transit in Toronto.”
The GPO believes that the province should only provide funding for rapid transit to cities that create plans to establish enough density around each major transit stop, so that the new systems can eventually pay for themselves once built.