Lack of focus on energy conservation and efficiency costing Ontario money


Toronto, Ontario –The Ontario government has wasted taxpayer money by not prioritizing energy conservation. Neglecting energy conservation costs the province money, increases utility bills and misses out on creating thousands of new jobs.  
“The Liberal government is burning our money by failing to deliver efficient solutions that reduce energy demand,” says Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner. “The cheapest kilowatt is the one that is never created. We can tackle rising energy prices by helping people save money by using saving energy.” 
Today, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario confirmed that the government has failed to make energy conservation and efficiency a priority.  Ontario has a huge opportunity to eliminate waste and reduce demand.  New York state has similar geography and climate to Ontario, yet our energy consumption per person is 50% higher.
Instead of focusing on energy efficiency, all of the parties at Queen’s Park want to swipe the provincial credit card to offer short term subsidies that mostly benefit the biggest energy users.  It’s irresponsible to mortgage our children’s future for a band-aid solution that drives up provincial debt, doesn’t create jobs and won’t provide long term relief.
“Instead of spending billions on cancelling gas plant contracts, the money could be spent on helping Ontarians conserve energy,” said Schreiner.  “The Liberal government has shown a lack of leadership by failing to instruct Ontario’s energy bureaucracy to approve all cost-effective energy efficiency and conservation programs that are proposed by municipal electric utilities and local distribution companies.”
Earlier this year Queen’s Park politicians quietly allowed a popular and successful program that helped people save money by using less energy expire. The Home Energy Savings Program created good, local jobs in Ontario and permanently lowered energy bills.
The Green Party is calling for a Green Building Program to help tenants, home owners, and businesses save money by using less energy. This program will:

  • Save rate-payers money on their utility bills permanently
  • Save the province money by reducing the need for costly new generation
  • Create good local jobs and make our businesses more competitive
  • Provide rebates for those who need help the most: low income, seniors on fixed income and residents of remote communities
  • Reduce pollution and preserve our environment