Make side guards mandatory on trucks


Approximately 400 cyclists rode 5 kilometres westward from downtown Toronto early yesterday morning to commemorate a tragic death on November 7th . Their destination was the intersection of Dundas and Sterling, where Jenna Morrison was run over by the rear wheels of a large truck that was turning right at the time. In a parkette adjacent to the accident site, a peaceful crowd gathered to pay their respects, leave flowers and wreaths, and to sign petitions. Somber cyclists commiserated and vowed to press governments at all levels to improve safety for cyclists.

About 15 to 20 cyclists are killed on Ontario roads every year.
The Green Party of Ontario is calling on the provincial government to implement a 1998 Toronto coroners’ recommendation that called for side guards to be installed on all large trucks. Side guards prevent upended cyclists from falling under moving trucks. Their $800-$1600 cost is small compared with saving lives, and they helps make trucks reduce fuel consumption. Please sign our petition to show your support for mandatory side guards on Ontario’s trucks.
With 80% of Ontarians living in congested urban areas, the Ministry of Transportation has an obligation to improve the safety of growing numbers of cyclists, and recognize that cycling and walking are important forms of transportation. To that end, the Green Party is calling for 1% of the provincial transportation budget to be dedicated to cycling infrastructure, with another 1% for pedestrian infrastructure.
Tim Grant
Transportation Critic
Photo credit: Dyan Marie