Lest we forget

Today is a special time to remember and honour all the women and men who have served Canada.  We are blessed to live in such a beautiful country with a diverse and caring people.  

Remembrance Day is a sacred day when we, as Canadians, thank the brave women and men in uniform who have made and are making sacrifices to defend our freedom, our democracy and our way of life.
It is important for us to take time from our busy lives to express our deep appreciation to those whom we owe a debt that we can never repay.  Generations of Canadians have heeded the call for freedom and selflessly risked their lives. Our beautiful nation is a testament to the fact that no sacrifice has been made in vain, and that the courage, integrity and moral principle of our armed forces are source of pride.  Today, we come together to mourn and to honour the men, women and families who have provided this country with so much.
Rob Strang
Deputy Leader
Judy Smith-Torrie 
Deputy Leader
Mike Schreiner