Cold Cut: There’s an eerie silence from ecos, foodies and public officials about Maple Leaf’s T.O. shutdown

By Wayne Roberts

There are no hogs in hogtown’s future, but there doesn’t appear to be any squealing about that fact.

Toronto’s pre-eminence as a food processing centre took a hit last week when Maple Leaf Foods announced that its plant here will shut down in the next few years, shedding 300 of 1,550 jobs being lost across the country as the company centralizes operations in five supersized slaughterhouses, bakeries and distribution centres.

Say what you will about rising interest in food, but these corporate moves – bearing all the earmarks of a typical decision by “the 1 per cent” – were met by almost dead silence from the usual commentators.

City officials, opposition critics, union leaders, environmentalists, public health advocates and food enthusiasts, to name just the most obvious – don’t seem to get all the meaty issues.

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