Green Party Leader looks ahead; commits to promoting change during minority government


Toronto – The Green Party of Ontario promises to continue to promote positive change during this minority session of government.

“I am proud of the Green Party’s campaign.  The historic gains we made in terms of volunteers, membership and fundraising are accomplishments that build for the future,” said Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.
“I’m disappointed, but not discouraged by the outcome of the election,” said Schreiner. This election saw the lowest voter turnout in Ontario’s history, and created a minority government.
“We’ve established a solid foundation for the Green Party to grow. The policies articulated in our platform are what Ontario needs, and our organization grows stronger by the day.  Unfortunately, vote totals don’t always reflect the strength of a party. I am especially committed to strengthening our democracy by re-engaging the people who didn’t vote this time.”
The Green Party will continue to promote solutions that move the province forward toward a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and future generations.
“Our campaign focused on key issues that won’t go away.  We will continue to challenge the old parties on tackling tough challenges including local job creation; climate change; access to healthy local food; and responsible government that protects our water, preserves our farmland and puts the needs of our communities ahead of special interests,” says Schreiner.


Becky Smit
Green Party of Ontario 
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