It’s Time. Vote Green. (Tomorrow!)

Hello Green Party members and supporters,

I’m just about to head out to knock on our last set of doors in for Mike Schreiner’s campaign in Simcoe—Grey, and wanted to take a moment to remind you that tomorrow is Election Day. This means:
It’s time to Vote Green!  
If you haven’t already, read about your local green candidate and find your polling place.  
The polls will be open tomorrow, Thursday, October 6, from 9am–9pm. Take a moment now to think about when you’ll vote: before or after work? Will you need a ride to the polls?
Make sure everyone you know votes, too. Once you’ve voted, please help make phone calls to get every last Green voter to the polls.

Bill Hewitt, President
Green Party of Ontario
P.S. It’s easy being Green!  Watch Mike Schreiner’s election day message for all Ontarians.