A vote for Green MPPs only choice to bring positive change to Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario – With the election only a day away, the Green Party of Ontario is asking voters to vote Green to send a message to Queen’s Park that politics as usual is just not working.

“In the leaders’ debate, we saw nothing new from the old line parties,” said Schreiner. “Notably absent were issues critical to Ontario communities, like stopping the Melanchton Mega-quarry, rebuilding our local economies while tackling climate change and protecting clean air, water and farmland. If they can’t be bothered to talk about these issues in the debate, it is unlikely they will make them a priority at Queen’s Park”

Green MPPs are prepared to play a powerful role in the upcoming provincial legislature.

“Every Green vote sends a message that we have to develop better policies that respect our communities, our economy and our environment,” said Schreiner. “Only Green MPPs will raise the issues that secure our future for generations to come.”

The Green Party of Ontario is the only party addressing the following issues:

Lowering taxes on small businesses and income to create good local jobs, while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions with a price on carbon.
Helping people save money by saving energy, not subsidizing energy use and pollution.
Ending corporate and union donations to political parties, to remove even the appearance of undue influence. Corporations and unions don’t vote, people do.
Calling for a smart, fair, equitable school board system with a plan to engage citizens in determining the best way forward.∙
Making family farms and local food processing a top priority, so we can all enjoy fresh, affordable food on our tables, today, and in the future.
Sustaining our public health care system with a focus on preventing illness and providing better access to quality, community care, close to home∙
Protecting our water and farmland by stopping the Melancthon Mega Quarry and the Holland Marsh Gas Plant


Media Contact:

Rebecca Harrison
Director of Communications
Green Party of Ontario
(905) 999 – 5479