Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Easy Being Green


Anyone who has worked with the Green Party knows that it doesn’t take long for someone to make a joke about why it’s not easy being Green.

We  know that actually it is easy (and fun) to be Green!  So we took a few minutes to come up with a top 10 list of why we’re Green.  You can tell us your reasons too, on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Green Party SupportersWe get to answer questions about Kermit the Frog at least once every four years. (More often with a minority government!)
  2. There is one party that knows how important healthy local food is for our families and communities.
  3. Ontarians are already going green. Whether it’s recycling, buying local food or switching off lights, people in Ontario are already choosing sustainable options. It’s time for Queen’s Park to catch up.
  4. Only the Green Party has a plan to reduce taxes on the things we want – income and jobs, and put a price on the things we don’t want – waste, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 
  5. Birkenstocks are comfortable. Come on – you know they are!
  6. The old parties have energy plans that reward energy hogs. The Green Party has a plan that saves you money by saving energy
  7. Only one party is calling for an end to corporate and union political donations. Corporations and unions don’t vote – people do. 
  8. Everyone likes the underdog!  We have to work hard to earn your trust and your vote, which is why our sleeves are rolled up and we’re knocking on doors in communities across Ontario.
  9. The words local food,  Mega-Quarry and Climate Change didn’t cross the lips of the old party Leaders in the televised debate once. You know that debate, the one with no clear winner? (Or new ideas?)
  10. Because even one Green MPP can make a difference at Queen’s Park. Look at Elizabeth May, Canada’s first Green MP now sitting in the House of Commons, the first Green MPs in Australia and Great Britain, and the first Green State Government in Germany. 

Have your own reason for being Green?

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  • Tweet your reason to us using @OntarioGreens (or something like this – It’s easy being Green@OntarioGreens! I’m voting #GPO Oct 6 because )

It’s Time for Green MPPs in Ontario.  Thanks for your support on October 6th.Becky Smit, Provincial Campaign Manager
Becky Smit
Provincial Campaign Manager
Green Party of Ontario