Schreiner will fight to stop the proposed Mega Quarry at Queen’s Park as MPP in Minority Parliament

Alliston, Ontario – Mike Schreiner, Green Party of Ontario Leader and candidate for MPP in Simcoe-Grey, announced his priorities as an MPP in a minority parliament. Schreiner will put clean water, local food and farmland first and will take all possible action to stop the mega-quarry.

“When the other parties need my support to pass legislation, I will demand that their motion put our farmland, clean water and communities in Simcoe-Grey first,” said Schreiner. “This starts by stopping the mega-quarry altogether and plugging the loopholes in the law that allow projects like this to threaten our water and farmland in the first place.”

One vote among a hung parliament often has the power to allow legislation to pass or fail. Schreiner plans to use the opportunity to put forward policies that are of specific concern to Simcoe-Grey.

“While other MPPs must fall in line behind their Leader and chip away using typical partisan tactics, I have a firm plan to take advantage of the pivotal role my vote can play in a minority legislature,” said Schreiner. “The voters of Simcoe-Grey have a choice in this election. We can vote for an MPP that works for a party or a Leader that works for Simcoe-Grey.”

As your MPP for Simcoe-Grey Mike Schreiner will:

1. Require the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to issue a Minister’s Zoning Order for the proposed mega-quarry site which confirms that the appropriate uses on the subject lands will be those related to agriculture and accessory to agriculture, and which prohibits the mining of aggregate materials.

2. Revise the Aggregate Resources Act to create incentives for more efficient use of aggregates, aggregate recycling, and sustainable mining practices. Requiring a full Environmental Assessment for aggregate applications that meet the Ministry of Natural Resource’s definition of a mega quarry (currently 150,000,000 tonnes)

3. Ensure that class 1, 2, 3 and 4 farmland is protected from development by changing the provincial policy statements.

Media Contact:
Rebecca Harrison
Director of Communications
Green Party of Ontario
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