Green Party 100 Memberships from Our All-Time High!

Join the Green Party TodayWith only five days before Election Day, Green Party volunteers from across the province are making our final push, investing countless hours of their personal time to help their local candidate and campaign team.

We want you to be part of our final push by joining the Green Party today.

It has been an exciting campaign, and our membership numbers is a testimony to our continued momentum. Since January, our membership has grown by nearly 130%. Our growth is so strong that we are now within striking distance of beating our all-time high! We are only 100 memberships away from beating that historic milestone.

Buoyed by our historic victory of electing Elizabeth May as our first Green MP four months ago, our candidates have been greatly encouraged and motivated by the constant stream of new members coming into the party. Membership has been an important building block of our election campaign. 

We are running our biggest, most ambitious campaign ever with our fantastic slate of candidates, proving to voters across Ontario that we are the only political party that represents real change. Together, we can elect the first Green MPP to Queen’s Park.

As we count down to Election Day, we hope that you will consider joining the Green Party today .

Thank you so much for your support.

Yours Sincerely,
Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario

P.S. Perhaps there is someone in your home who is also willing to join the Green Party. How about a friend or a neighbour who has a Green Party lawn sign on their yard? Maybe there’s a colleague at work or a relative who is interested in becoming the the newest Green Party member that puts us over our all-time high. We hope that you will consider recruiting one person to the Green Party today.