Green Party will eliminate corporate and union donations to political parties


Green Party will eliminate corporate and union donations to political parties Orangeville, Ontario – Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner (Simcoe-Grey) and Deputy Leader Rob Strang (Dufferin-Caledon) announced the Green Party’s plan to reform the Ontario electoral system to ensure that special interests take a back seat to the priorities of Ontarians. “It takes a lot of money to run a political campaign the likes of the old line parties. Primetime advertising, a fleet of buses emblazoned with their faces – all cost money,” said Schreiner. “This type of extravagant spending has become the norm, making corporate and union donations the lifeblood of the old parties.” The problem lies in the fact that corporations and unions don’t vote – people do. And when corporations and unions are allowed to donate, the people in them are effectively allowed to exceed the contribution limits of other individuals set by the province. “With the province facing controversial developments that threaten farmland and clean water like the mega quarry in Melancthon, we need to ensure that the voices of Ontarians are paramount to that of developers,” added Strang. Corporate and Union donations have been prohibited in democracies around the world including the Federal government in Canada. By ending such donations, the Green Party argues that politicians remove even the appearance of undue influence. “Politics as usual in Ontario is not working,” concluded Schreiner. “Only one party has the courage to change the way parties function from the campaign up. That is why we need Green MPPs at Queen’s Park.” Your Green MPPs will: ● End corporate and union donations to political parties, candidates and campaigns in provincial and municipal elections -30-