A Preview of the Next Queen’s Park?

Fellow supporters,

Last night’s televised leader’s debate was a preview of what Queen’s Park can look like for the next four years.

Did you hear any of the participating party leader’s talk about energy conservation? How about the proposed mega-quarry that will destroy pristine farmland the size of 1/3 of Toronto? What about more than a single line on the reckless cost of nuclear power? Even a word about establishing a smart, fair, equitable school board system?

No? Me neither.

Throughout this campaign, we have been clear: Green MPPs at Queen’s Park is the most effective way the issues in our 5-point plan will be advanced. We are the only party that will address concerns about creating jobs, building a strong economy, tackling climate change and balancing our provincial budget with modern solutions instead of using ideas from the past century. Last night’s debate is proof positive that the legacy parties will not speak to these issues.

This week’s opinion polls (Abacus Data and EKOS) shows that we are gradually building strength heading into the home stretch. With eight days remaining, we can push hard and continue this momentum right until Election Day.

Your help, through a final election contribution to the Green Party, is essential.

We want to make a special effort during the final week in our key ridings with increased canvassing and placing our radio ads on the air. We have run a tight fiscal ship during this campaign, and have only spent what we have. Through your financial support today, you can help make that key strategic difference.

Thank you for your financial support.
Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
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