Green MPPs needed to defend communities


Toronto, Ontario – Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, questions the Liberal’s commitment to communities. On the heels on an announcement to stop a gas plant in another Liberal riding, construction is proceeding with the development in the Holland Marsh.

“For two years the Liberals have stonewalled residents and municipal governments on this gas plant. Yet there is no movement until they needed an announcement to help their campaign in a close race.” said Schreiner. “Do we need elections every 6 months for the Liberals to do the right thing?”

While the Liberals are quick to promote their recent flip flop on the proposed gas plant in Mississauga, they conveniently neglect to mention the gas plant currently going ahead in the Holland Marsh on land that should be protected by Greenbelt legislation.

The Liberals have now cancelled two gas plants in two Liberal held ridings, while the Holland Marsh gas plant, in a Conservative riding, moves forward. Last year, the government stopped a hearing at the Ontario Municipal Board, side-stepped the Planning Act and their own Greenbelt legislation to ensure the plant would move forward.

The Holland Marsh gas-plant is located on an active flood plain, in the Ansnorveldt wetlands, in legislatively-protected designated countryside of the Greenbelt. The Holland Marsh is home to Ontario’s most fertile farmland. The Holland Marsh produces $50M of Ontario’s locally grown food, which is threatened by this development. This site was chosen over less sensitive areas that were available. The plant is opposed by the local community.

“If the Liberals were acting with the environment and local communities as their primary motivation, they would have started with better planning for all gas plants,” added Schreiner. “We need legislation for buffer zones around gas plants to protect the safety our communities.”

Ontario needs Green MPPs at Queen’s Park to put the interests of citizens and communities ahead of partisan politics.

“After 8 years of majority control of this province the Liberals expect Ontarians to trust them to make good on promises in what is shaping up to be a minority government,” said Schreiner. “This desperation is nothing more than an admission that they have misspent their time at Queen’s Park. Green MPP’s at Queen’s Park will ensure decisions start with respect for our farmland, the environment and our communities.”


Rebecca Harrison
Director of Communications
Green Party of Ontario
(c) 905-999-5479