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Dear Green Party Supporter:

Watch our TV AdLast week, I sent you our new radio ads, promoting our 5-point plan for Ontario’s future. Our ads are one of the ways we are getting our Green vision into the hands of as many Ontarians as possible!

Yesterday, Campaign Manager Becky Smit sent our first TV ad of the campaign. If you missed it, click the graphic on the right.

As we enter the last two weeks of the campaign, we need to redouble our efforts and push as hard as possible to ensure that we are, in the minds of voters on October 6th, the clear alternative to the dated policies of the legacy parties currently at Queen’s Park. Our radio and TV ads have been strategically released for the later half of the campaign for maximum impact.

With that in mind, I am pleased to release our next two radio ads, on health and local food.

Click on one of the icons below listen:

“Food” Radio Ad – Click below to Listen

[swf file=”audio/gpo__food_-1.mp3″]

“Health” Radio Ad – Click below to Listen

[swf file=”audio/gpo__health_-1.mp3″]

More and more Ontarians from all walks of life see the Green Party’s platform as a viable alternative to the legacy parties. With 13 days to go, we need your continued support to keep this momentum going right through to October 6th.

Your contribution will make a tremendous difference. Please make a donation to help us keep the momentum going today.

Thank you for your support.
Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario