Greens will stop rewarding energy hogs with taxpayer money


Greens will stop rewarding energy hogs with taxpayer money

Cobourg, Ontario – Today, Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner announced his party’s plan to end subsidies on the wasteful use of energy.

“The current program borrows money on behalf of taxpayers to reward energy hogs,” explained Schreiner. “Ontarians deserve to be rewarded for their efforts to conserve, not be forced to pay for the wasteful energy use of others.”

The current government program costs Ontario tax payers $1.2 billion each year and does not result in reductions in pollution, increases in efficiency, or job creation. The Green Party of Ontario is the only party that will provide true relief for rising energy bills, by focusing on energy conservation and efficiency.

“Instead of focusing on programs that will balance the budget, this program borrows money on behalf of taxpayers,” added Schreiner. “This translates into more of our hard-earned money wasted on interest payments and less money to spend on programs such as health care and education. “

The Green Party announced a series of energy priorities this week, that take advantage of innovation to provide energy savings and create jobs. The Green Building program will invest $1.6 B over four years to foster new innovative businesses right here in Ontario, create over 20,000 jobs and save Ontarians money on their energy bills for years to come.

“As Ontario transitions to a more efficient province we are prepared to help those Ontarians who need it most,” added Green Party Deputy Leader Judy Smith-Torrie. “We are offering $400 million over four years in targeted benefits to Seniors, rural and low income Ontarians to provide immediate relief to rising energy prices.”

The Green Party will end the unsustainable election promises of the other parties that waste our hard-earned tax dollars. It’s time to give Ontarians a plan for Ontario, a plan that provides jobs and saves us money.

Green MPPs will:

End subsidies that reward the wasteful use of energy, by cancelling the Clean Energy Benefit.
Redirect the savings to balance budget by 2015, so that tax dollars go to programs instead of interest payments.

Invest $400 million over four years to provide benefits to seniors, rural and low income Ontarians to mitigate the cost of rising energy prices.

Provide $800 million in refundable tax credits for home owners and tenants over four years for investments in energy efficiency and building retrofits. This will include an Electric Hot Water Conservation Program for conversion of electric hot water heaters to solar thermal.

Provide $800 million in refundable business tax credits over four years for businesses to invest in energy efficiency and building retrofits, making our businesses more efficient and competitive.

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