Speaking up for Mike


Join us, September 13, at TVOstudios, 2180 Yonge Street, Toronto at 10:00am to deliver the message that the Green Party should be included in the televised leaders’ debate.

We would love to see you there. Come because:

  1. You care about Mike and the Green Party.
  2. You don’t think a group of unaccountable corporate titans in a boardroom should decide who gets to speak to the people of Ontario.
  3. Issues that matter to you—like local food and farming and climate change—won’t be addressed if the Green Party doesn’t have a seat at the table.

Tomorrow, September 13, 2011, the ominous “media consortium” will be announcing the details of the televised leaders’ debate. The one where they forgot to invite the Green Party of Ontario.

Mike speaks for over 350,000 Ontarians. And the televised leaders’ debate is an excellent opportunity to reach new voters. We are hopeful the other parties will show political leadership and insist in the name of fairness and democracy that Mike will be invited.

If you aren’t in Toronto—don’t worry. You can still help by sending a message to the leaders of the other parties, and let them know that you think Mike’s inclusion is critical for keeping democracy alive in Ontario.

Help our social media campaign to show the consortium that Mike Speaks for You:

  1. Sign the petition at LetMikeSpeak.ca.
  2. Tweet about it: I want @MikeSchreiner in the debate. #LetMikeSpeak #onpoli #voteon@CBC @CTV @TVO
  3. Set your Facebook profile photo to our Let Mike Speak graphic.

Join us to deliver the message that the Green Party should be included in the televised Leaders’ debate.

Thanks for your support,

Becky Smit