It’s Time to Fix Politics as Usual in Ontario


Today the Media Consortium came out from behind closed doors just long enough to announce their plans for the debate, which at the moment don’t include a seat at the table for the Green Party of Ontario.

I sincerely appreciate the support I have received, from people from all walks of life and all political backgrounds in communities across the province. Thank you. Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to ensure our voice is heard and your issues are discussed during this campaign.

Regardless of what happens, I will continue to travel across the province and speak to Ontarians about sensible, long-term solutions for tackling some of the most important challenges we face today – the disappearance of good, local jobs, rising energy 
prices and climate change and the sustainability of our public health care system.

I am committed to ending politics as usual. I will continue to stand up for communities by supporting efforts such as the grassroots campaign by community members and farmers to stop the mega quarry and protect our farmland and clean water in Melancthon Township.

We will continue to push the consortium and the other party Leaders’ to support democratic debates, and we will continue to ask important questions that Ontarians care about.  We will also continue to get our message out in every way we can – online, traditional media and the best way of all, by knocking on doors talking directly with our neighbours.

This is just another example of politics as usual, and we need your help to fix it. It’s time for Green MPPs to bring a new fresh approach to politics at Queen’s Park.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail,

Mike Schreiner