Green Party Leadership Challenges Ontarians to Reject Politics as Usual


Toronto – Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner was joined by Green Party of Canada Leader and Canada’s first elected Green MP Elizabeth May Friday morning at Queen’s Park for a press conference discussing the campaign and upcoming Provincial Leaders’ Debate.

“Politics as usual isn’t working,” said Schreiner. “Attack ads and hyper- partisan politics have interfered with the progress of Ontario long enough. Only the Green Party is presenting a fresh perspective in this election.”

Elizabeth May, recently elected as the MP for Saanich Gulf Islands, was on hand to show her support for the Green Party Ontario campaign, the largest in the provincial party’s history.

“The Green Party of Ontario is the only clear choice for voters who are disappointed with the current political discourse,” said May. “There are questions that need to be asked and only the Greens have the courage and conviction to ask them. This is why, in the interest of democracy, in the interest of intelligent debate, Mike Schreiner needs to be included in the televised Leaders’ Debate.”

The media consortium has not yet responded to the inquiries from the Green Party of Ontario’s request for inclusion in the debates.  In the 2007 general election, the Green Party of Ontario received 354,897 votes, 6 times that of all the minor parties combined. The Greens are running a full slate of 107 candidates across the province and are polling in tight races in several key ridings.

The party has launched the petition website and non-partisan campaigns have been launched on Facebook calling for the inclusion of the Greens. Recently, TVO’s The Agenda announced the Green Party of Ontario would be covered equally with the other parties during the campaign.

“Things in Ontario need to change,” concluded Schreiner. “A vote for the other parties will only result in more of the same. If you think fairness integrity and respect for our communities belongs in Queen’s Park, you think just like we do. It’s time for change. It’s time for Green.”

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