Green Party launches strongest campaign to date!


Yesterday at Queen’s Park, Mike Schreiner kicked off the largest campaign in our history.

Joined by 30 of his fellow candidates, Mike highlighted the Green principles of fairness, integrity and respect for our communities.

We’ve posted photos and video clips from the event.

The Green Party is extremely proud to be running on a platform with sensible solutions that address the big challenges of our time:

  • the loss of good jobs,
  • rising energy prices and climate change,
  • and the sustainability of our health-care system.  

You can find the Green Party’s plan to address these challenges with twenty-first century solutions at For those of you who relish detail, check out our Strategy Papers.

Over the next weeks, Mike and his team will be in communities across the province to deliver our messages. Today, he’s meeting with folks in Alliston, Collingwood and Owen Sound, talking about to creating jobs and supporting local businesses. Tomorrow, he’ll be back at Queen’s Park, joined by Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May to discuss the importance of democracy, and the difference an elected Green makes.

There are lots of ways to join in on the excitement, and whether it is online or in person, we hope to see you on the campaign trail. Please reach out to your local candidate, request a sign or volunteer.

You can also connect with us online by following us on Twitter and ‘like’ our Facebook page.

We’re excited—it’s going to be a great campaign!

Becky Smit
Becky Smit
Provincial Campaign Manager
Green Party of Ontario

P.S. While we’ve got some great media coverage so far, we wanted to make sure our voice is heard, so we made our own TV Channel. Check out!